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Apartments Serviced vs Non-Serviced Key Difference

Generally, If you are tempted by the amenities and flexibility provided by an apartment, you’ll probably come across the terms serviced and non-serviced apartments.

If you’re stuck wondering what’s the huge difference between serviced and non-serviced apartments, we can help.

This article describes and examines the good qualities and cons of both.

What is a Serviced Apartment?

A serviced apartment is a kind of furnished accommodation that can be acquired for a short- or long-term stay. It comes with all the comforts necessary to feel in the home: space to relax, amenities like phone and Wi-Fi and contains resources and local fees in the fee. They’re also, because the title implies, serviced.

Companies contain, as a minimum: Apartmentskeeping, 24-hour customer care, and improved protection measures. Some establishments (like Dolphin Square) also offer on-site teams, 24-hour parties, and other luxury guest amenities. The apartments are professional and open to booking all year round.

Some serviced apartments suppliers – also including Dolphin Sq – are approved customers of The ASAP (The Association of Serviced Residence Providers), which means they’ve to adhere to a ‘Stick to Assurance’ promise which includes confidence in the particular level and quality of customer care, safety and protection provided.

The flexibility, privacy, and capability of serviced apartments suggest they suit the needs of an extensive assortment of tourists, including specialists on temporary company trips; long-term government visitors; family and class vacations, and people moving during apartment renovations.

Serviced Apartments
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What is a Non-Serviced Apartment?

A non-serviced apartment is short- or long- keep accommodation that can be secretly owned and allow, usually via a website sample Airbnb. These may be found in all forms, shapes, places, and levels of quality. They are available fully-, semi-, or unfurnished.

These apartments are not serviced, as the title suggests. So number protection, number apartments keeping, etc.

Along with apartments, non-serviced accommodation may contain other forms of the home scale cottages or caravans.

As short-stay accommodation non-serviced apartments may be accessible only for limited times of the season, for example when the dog owner is away.

This kind of accommodation may be ideal for a tenant going to a brand new city or as a short-term allow for a friend or family holiday.

Serviced vs Non-Serviced Apartments: The Key Differences

In that part, you’ll find convenient lists of the good qualities and cons of both apartment types. The theory is to provide you with the data you will need, at a glance.

Pros of Non-Serviced Apartments

  • Privacy
  • Probably endless range of possibilities, knowing where to look
  • Self-catered
  • Most contain a washing machine or access to washing features
  • May be inexpensive
  • You can find hidden treasures
  • Home-from-home atmosphere

Cons of Non-Serviced Apartments

  • Little or no extra protection
  • The possible risk that accompanies working with personal homeowners
  • No onsite team
  • Contradictory quality, number assurance, or confidence
  • No needed common of health and safety adherence
  • Might involve a lot of studies to find your great fit
  • Extra visitors may affect your keep
NonServiced Apartments
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Pros of Serviced Apartments

  • Self-catering features
  • Wide range of alternatives
  • 24-hour customer care, ranging from the contact quantity to a staffed party (depending on the property)
  • Apartments keeping involved
  • Utilities and local fees involved
  • Accrediting bodies for quality confidence
  • Professionally managed
  • Booking sites and letting guidance easily accessible
  • Digital security and/or protection techniques (e.g. CCTV, Doormen)
  • Often in perfect places
  • Guest amenities e.g. fitness center, pool, bar, restaurant (at some properties)
  • Easy to give your keep
  • Several homes family-friendly
  • A home-from-from atmosphere with lodge comforts
  • Flexibility and freedom when hosting visitors (depending on COVID restrictions)
  • Great value

Cons of Serviced Apartments

  • Cancellation terms at some homes may be limited
  • Onsite elements differ and do not necessarily contain a fitness center, restaurant, party, or parking
  • A limited number of teams present onsite at more residential-style homes
  • Normal 80% occupancy rate anytime, so could need to book early to prevent frustration

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment?

Quite simply: serviced accommodation shares all of the pros you would find with non-serviced apartments, but further comes with a good deal more comfort and luxury.

The major huge difference is the particular level (or also only the presence) of customer care. With this specific comes increased experience and reassurance provided by included protection and on-hand assistance must anything get wrong.

Standard washing and laundering of linens suggest you have more hours to take pleasure from your keep without having to concern yourself with managing to apartments keep yourself.

A serviced apartment offers you the best of both worlds. The luxury and large customer care of an excellent lodge, mixed with the freedom, mobility, and homely feel of an exclusive rental, enables you to stay just like a local while experiencing the comfort to be a respected guest.

If you choose an ASAP-approved provider you can relax, and secure with the assurance you will get a steady level of treatment, protection, and quality confidence, alongside determining professional management. You can select the way you enjoy your space and many homes have access to extra amenities.

Finding The Right Accommodation for You

As the industry grows it’s simple to find properly serviced accommodation for the keep, whatever your needs. At Dolphin Sq, the alternatives range from a studio to a luxury 3-bedroom apartment.

These all come with maid support, magnificent bed(s), great linens, towels, equipped kitchenette (or complete kitchen), en room or split toilet, primary point phone with voicemail, WiFi, onsite washing, party, and guest comforts.

And thanks to the economics of leasing out multiple, purpose-specific homes in a single space, serviced apartment suppliers may usually afford to operate in perfect, key places – enabling you to get yourself a better value apartment for a lot less than the usual personal allow in a similar locale. This can offer you perfect places you might not otherwise access, sample correct in one’s heart of London where you can take advantage of the neighborhood area.

The inclusive packages and well-thought-out comfort and complexity of a luxury home-away-from-home means that choosing serviced apartments can save you time, energy, and income, without diminishing freedom or quality.

So have a look through the possibilities today, and produce much more of a keeping with Dolphin Square’s current offers.

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